A good day for creativity…

My horoscope for today–

“Today is all about art. It’s a great time for creating new work if that’s where your interests lie, but it’s just as good for soaking up culture in all its forms. Your creative energy is magnificent!”

OK, so it’s not just MY horoscope, it applies to Scorpios all over. Including the other resident of this house. Which is probably a good thing, as I may need Tim’s guidance in today’s endeavor: I’m building a desk. Yesterday I left work early and hit up a ton of antique stores; while I didn’t find anything that was exactly right, I did come home with a ton of ideas. Couple those with all the stuff I’ve curated on Pinterest recently and… you’ve got a recipe for a one-of-a-kind desk with personality. Keep your fingers crossed that I can translate what’s in my head to a functional piece of furniture.

If you don’t follow me on Pinterest (hi, Mom!), here are some of the sorts of things I’m drawn to for inspiration:

Garment Factory Desk

Deco Industrial Desk

Simple wood and industrial vibe

I’ll incorporate lessons learned from my current desk into the design of the new one.

My current desk. Soon to become a dressing table.

My current desk. Soon to become a dressing table.

Those lessons:

  • I like real wood.
  • This desk is a good size in terms of height, length and depth.
  • I need drawers for storage.
  • I also need to be able to fit my legs UNDER the desk, which completely can’t happen now. And it’s not about the chair. If I lower the chair enough to get my knees under the desk, my keyboard is in my boobs. Awkward for typing.

Wish me luck. I’m off to finish my coffee, put on some lipstick and head to the lumber yard.




More vintage aprons

My vintage apron collection is growing! Last time I visited my mom in Connecticut, she gave me two lovely aprons that belonged to Memere. We think she made them both by hand.

I love, love, love this.

I love, love, love this.

I love red and adore polka dots. The rick-rack and piping pull everything together. So cute. The next one is more of a smock:

Bright fruit print against a polka dot background.

Bright fruit print against a polka dot background.

It’s summery! It’s eye-catching! It’s definitely one of a kind. Whimsical, if you will.

A view of the back.

A view of the back.

Detail of the zany pattern.

Detail of the zany pattern.

These two aprons join the others I’ve received from the wonderful Lisa Kiner and my mom. I still need to figure out a way to display them, although as the collection grows to include more patterns and colors, I imagine the display will become more… schizophrenic? Eclectic? It will be something, all right.

Apron appreciation

Last Friday night, my friend Lisa gave me two wonderful aprons she found:

Yosemite National Park apron

Yosemite National Park apron

orange apron

A wonderful orange apron with tons of pretty pockets.

They were in a trunk that belonged to her grandmother. She thinks that her grandmother made the orange one. It’s got such great details – as soon as Lisa gave me the aprons, I put the orange one on and wore it around the house all evening.

Two other recent additions to my apron collection:

blue gingham apron

A blue gingham apron

I aquired this blue gingham apron around the same time as the car show at Ralph’s over the summer.

plastic rose apron

This apron is actually some kind of plastic.

My mom found this plastic apron in her attic – I’m not sure what it was intended for. Obviously, it offers better clothing protection than the fabric versions. It’s even got a pocket.

Any clever ideas for apron display?


Red, white and blue

I adore red, white and blue, especially together. So when the opportunity to wear or otherwise showcase some of my favorite colors comes up, I’m ready. In honor of Independence Day, some of my more patriotic vintage pieces.


Yardley vanity case – this came in several versions, with the locations of the colors alternated. This version is my favorite.


A Volupte cigarette case with red, white and blue stripes. And amazing rhinestones in the corner.


red and sparkly…like fireworks

bead & button bracelet

My cousin Becky gave me this wonderful bracelet made of vintage beads and buttons.



Naturalizer tricolor spectator bag. I LOVE this purse.

Gato scarf

Last but not least, a modern star-spangled scarf modelled by Allen. Doesn’t it go well with the bag?

Happy Independence Day!


I was absolutely astonished when I read Ms. Adventure’s comment letting me know she recognized my blog with a Liebster Award. I’m touched. Ms. Adventure started her blog, Some Kind of Wonderful, around the same time the blog you’re reading now came into being, and I’ve enjoyed reading about her vintage finds. (The Sputnik lamp? The barkcloth clutch? The Super Suit? Gorgeous.) Thank you for the encouragement! It’s nice to know that people other than my mom and close friends read my blog. I’ve started developing connections with people in other corners of the world through blogging and learned a bunch along the way. Good stuff hides out on the internet if you know where to look!

The rules are as follows:

Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.

Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.

Copy/paste the blog award onto your blog (choose an image for the award, and then do a little post like this)

Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs (with 200 followers or less)

Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment.

My picks:

Brazen B. Not just because she’s one of my best friends, but because her deliciously irreverent DIY blog cracks me the hell up on a regular basis.

Oh, for the Love of Vintage. Black Dahlia and I need to go shopping together some day. Pin-ups,  purses and lady head vases, watch out.

Retro Reporter. A fellow writer and vintage lover, Laurie’s blog frequently inspires me.

The lovely Ms. Lina Sofia’s blog, Spiffing Sporadics of a Vintage Girl. She and her pug puppy Poirot are absolutely adorable.

Last but not least, Storyteller Vintage. Her blog blends lovely photos with creative writing–both her own and works by others she admires. A young blogger with a relatively young blog, I’m eager to read more of her work.