Quick catch-up

So I haven’t been blogging much lately, mostly because work has been STARK RAVING MAD and I’m too cooked to even think when I get home. I’ve also been trawling the internet lately on a compact-buying spree, which has turned up some lovely Volupte carryalls. I’ve also been trying to figure out how to make some kind of fabulous compact display out of reclaimed materials. I found some old wooden boxes in the loft over our garage. They’re pink, but I can change that. I also plan to raid my mother’s house when I go to Connecticut in a few weeks, as I’m positive she’ll have a few things I can use. Wish me luck. In the meantime: my lovely new carryalls, which I have no place to display:

Volupte carryalls

My two new Volupte carryalls.

The hot, humid weather has me wearing lots of light-weight cotton dresses…The Vintage Traveler  has a lovely series of blog posts on Swirl dresses, the ultimate in summer style. While I don’t have any Swirl dresses (yet), I love wrap dresses, and I’m definitely on the hunt.

More exciting news: My employer is holding a family day at Canobie Lake Park tomorrow. Since Tim can’t make it, I’m bringing our niece, Grace. This will be my first time hanging out with Grace without other family members. She’s an awesome 14-year-old and a really talented writer. I am a huge fan of talented writers of any age. Also a fan of employers that pay for their folks to ride amusement park rides as opposed to banging away at a keyboard during traditional work hours. Pretty good stuff.

The amusement park thing got me thinking about the origins of the parks. I grew up in a town with an old amusement park, and Tim used to work at the now-defunct Whalom Park. I’m interested to see how Canobie Lake compares. Look for a post on old amusement parks in the near future.


Red, white and blue

I adore red, white and blue, especially together. So when the opportunity to wear or otherwise showcase some of my favorite colors comes up, I’m ready. In honor of Independence Day, some of my more patriotic vintage pieces.


Yardley vanity case – this came in several versions, with the locations of the colors alternated. This version is my favorite.


A Volupte cigarette case with red, white and blue stripes. And amazing rhinestones in the corner.


red and sparkly…like fireworks

bead & button bracelet

My cousin Becky gave me this wonderful bracelet made of vintage beads and buttons.



Naturalizer tricolor spectator bag. I LOVE this purse.

Gato scarf

Last but not least, a modern star-spangled scarf modelled by Allen. Doesn’t it go well with the bag?

Happy Independence Day!

Volupte deco compact

I’ll keep this one.

As I’ve said before, once in a while I’ll purchase a compact fully intending to sell it. But once it gets here, I change my mind and decide it belongs in my collection.

This lovely Volupte compact, which arrived in the mail today, is a perfect example. Look at the lovely details: no missing rhinestones, a good mirror, and the original fabric sleeve. Sometimes I just can’t resist.

Volupte deco compact

A rhinestone beauty from Volupte.