work trips

Packing Apathy

Normally, I am a very prepared traveler. About a week before I leave, I start making a list of what I want to pack and start doing laundry to ensure that everything is clean and available. I run errands to buy everything I need for my trip. Two days before departure, I pack everything except my makeup and things I’ll need the day I leave. I have a system, and it works.

Except for this trip.

I actually have two back to back work trips coming up, and I’m completely unprepared.

Which kind of sucks, as I leave tomorrow morning and the only thing I’ve packed are pajamas and a belt. Not helpful for a business trip. Also, my go-to black strappy cute retro-feel heels have broken. Grrrr.

I’m going to go mow the lawn. Maybe outfits will magically appear in my head while I labor. Wish me luck.